ShoutOut: Marketing and Communication Lead

Full Time


Headquarters: Chicago, IL

We are launching a unique digital marketing platform. Our company is called ShoutOut and we are based in Chicago. We are planning on launching our digital products in New York, LA, and San Francisco in the coming months. Our platform helps businesses connect with local influencers and request shoutouts to help grow their business. 

We have a small and dedicated team of professionals and experts with many of our senior team members having the experience of building and existing startups and global brands. 

We are looking for our first Communication and Marketing Hire.

This position is poised for growth and provides you the opportunity to work with some of the world’s top leaders.

About You

As the Marketing and Communication Lead joining a small but growing company, you’ll enjoy a great deal of autonomy, creativity, and opportunity to lead and make meaningful contributions. 

We are looking for someone who understands the world of influencers, social media, and the latest trends. You are likely in your 20s with a few years of experience and deep passion in the fields of digital marketing, content creation, writing, communication, social media, and of course influencer marketing.

We prefer candidates from America and Europe who are very versed in the American culture and influencer marketing and speak and write very well.

  • In addition to a salary, we are open to a growth equity structure so you can be a part of Shoutout’s future
  • You will work with very well known senior leaders who have built and sold multi-million dollar global brands
  • Your starting salary will be $3000-$4000 USD a month depending on your experience. This salary is expected to be raised significantly as you and the company continue to grow and improve. 

To apply: