Autopilot Reviews: Part-Time Content Writer

Part Time

Autopilot Reviews

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA


We are looking to hire a part-time writer for our team, to write content about call centers.  This position will:

-Write 2-3 guest posts per month (1500 words each) as well as 1-2 high quality blog posts per month that was 2000-3000 words each.  
-Work with our project manager to ensure content is high quality and well executed
-Reasearch each topic thoroughly to provide great and valuable content

-Have great attention to detail
-English must be first language with impeccable grammar
-Be a Self-starter

Please provide us with a quote for how much both a 1500 word guest post (to post on another blog for backlinks) and a high quality 3000 word blog post would cost, and how long you estimate it would take.  Please also provide a cover letter, as to why you would like to work with our company.

To apply:

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